About Us

Gastonia Christmas Parade

It’s that time of year!!! The Gastonia Christmas Parade will be on December 4th at pm. This year we are teaming up with the City of Gastonia and Keep Gastonia Beautiful to have the first “Christmas in the City”. Please find more information on the Christmas Parade on our website.

Our chapter has been active in Gaston County since 1939, and you’ll find that many of our local business leaders are past or current members of the Junior Chamber. We are a group of ambitious, fun-loving professionals who work to improve ourselves and our community. We meet the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at various locations throughout Gaston County, with other events throughout the month. Check out our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter & check our website calendar for upcoming events!   Are the Jaycee’s for you?

Jaycee Creed

WE BELIEVE that faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life; That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations; That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise; That government should be of laws rather than of men; That earth’s great treasure lies in human personality; And that service to humanity is the best work of life!

Since it was written in 1947, Junior Chamber meetings all over the world recite the Creed at local, national and international meetings and functions. During that time there had been much discussion and interpretation of the Creed. The author himself said, “Every Member is free to interpret the Creed in the light of his own conscience.”  No matter what a member’s interpretation of the Creed may be, he or she should always practice what he or she believes. Many unsuccessful attempts have been made to change the Creed, but it has prevailed through the years and continues to be the covenant that holds the organization together. Many members have made the Creed their guide in life.